New Jersey American Water – Fleet Branding

New Jersey American Water was in the process of creating a new campaign and had contacted the company I was working with. I was brought in to sit in on design meetings and discuss the specifics of the campaign and work on design for the new fleet.

I wanted to hone in that this company was fresh, committed, and wanted to add a sense of trust with the brand. Color studies were conducted with the idea of psychology behind color choice along with the product of the company.

A multi-hued blue swoosh was added along with the focal point of the company’s logo were added to the design to create a sense of moving water, and brand recognition.

The tag line “Use Water Wisely” was put along the front fender to drive home the idea of wise water use choices.

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Project Details

  • Site Design
  • HTML / CSS
  • WordPress Integration
  • SEO
  • Project Deployment